Summer Reading and Math 2013

Summer Reading and Math 2013

Elementary Optional Summer Reading and Math Information

Secondary Mandatory Summer Reading Information

June 2013

Students and Parents,

Welcome to the 2013 West Babylon School District Summer Reading website. This summer, while relaxing kick off your shoes, enjoy the sunshine, and read an interesting book. Perhaps, you will find just the right book that makes you want to read more.  John B. King, NYS Education Commissioner, encourages students to read during the summer and participate in the programs that the public libraries offer. The activities are "great ways for students to work towards college and career readiness during the summer and stay academically sharp for the next school year." 

Once again the district will “go green” and post information about summer reading only on the district website. You can view the book titles and summer reading packets online. Families can download the information from the district website. If this is not an option, you may obtain a copy at your school building’s main office or go to the West Babylon Public Library where you may use a computer to print up to 10 pages for free.

OPTIONS for Incoming Grades 1-5:

Please note that there is NO requirement this summer but a strong encouragement to participate in our district's OPTIONAL Summer Reading Program and West Babylon Public Library's Summer Reading Program. Steps for those interested in the option:

  • Complete a log of books read showing a minimum of 10 books from the district provided list
  • Turn in the book log within the first 3 days of school
  • Participation can be done in conjunction with the NYS Summer Reading Library Program at the West Babylon Public Library
  • Participants will be rewarded with a special building celebration and have their names listed on a display in the building

REQUIREMENTS for Incoming Grades 6-12:

Please note that there is a Revised Requirement this summer and an invitation to participate in West Babylon Public Library's Summer Reading Program. Program consists of:
  • Mandatory reading of 1 book from the grade-level provided list and completion of a note packet
    • Written assignment using the note packet will be completed in class during the week of September 23, 2013
    • Universal scoring rubric will be used to score the written assignment and will result in a quiz grade with a minimum score of 75
        • English course quiz grade of zero for non-completers
           Exception: Students in AP English courses will not have to complete the mandatory summer reading assignment but need to complete the AP summer course work

  • Optional reading of an additional book of student choice and completion of a note packet
    • Written assignment using the note packet will be  completed in class on or before September 11, 2013
    • Participants will receive up to 3 points on their quarter one English average (1 point for completed note packet, 1 or 2 points for written assignment)
New Entrants in grades 6-12 are required to read 1 book from the grade-appropriate list and complete and return a note packet no later than September 23, 2013

During the summer months, students can find summer reading titles and a variety of books on tape at the West Babylon Public Library. Azuree Agnello and Ilana Beckerman Silver, West Babylon public librarians, are available to assist students in the selection of books.  

Thank you for participating in the 2013 Summer Reading Program that will officially close on Monday, September 23, 2013. I hope that all West Babylon students will enjoy the summer of 2013 and the enrichment experiences because reading matters.  


Carol  Varsalona
Director of Language Arts and Testing